Kurolax ( Pineapple Flavour )

Rs. 585.00

The new-age laxative for stubborn constipation

Lactulose 10 mg + Wheat Dextrin 3.5 gm + Fructo-
oligosaccharide 2.5 gm + Polydextrose 2.1 gm Solution

Relieves constipation rapidly and easily

Power of 4 strong laxatives

Lactulose Powerful osmotic laxative superior to conventional agents in relieving constipation.

Wheat Dextran, FOS & Polydextrose New-generation soluble fibres that improves bowel movement, promotes gut flora & softens stool.

Dosage The recommended dosage is 20 ml once daily preferably at bed time.


  • To prevent constipation after bariatric & other Gl surgeries
  • Hernia related Constipation.
  • Haemorrhoids.
  • Chronic Constipation  

Rs. 585.00
Terms & conditions

Product Description


Non habit forming


Sugar free


No Gas & bloating side effects




Wheat Dextrin


Sugar Free





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Suggested Use

The recommended dosage is 20ml once daily preferably at bed time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The recommended dosage for Kurolax is 20 ml once daily, preferably at bedtime. To take Kurolax, simply measure out the recommended dosage and consume it as directed.

ProGNS Kurolax contains lactulose, a synthetic sugar. In normal doses, it might not affect your blood glucose levels. it is safe for diabetic patient too.

Yes, you can switch to Kurolax if isabgol is not providing the desired relief. Kurolax has a different mechanism of action and may work better than isabgol.

No, Kurolax is not habit-forming. It is not known to cause dependence or addiction.

Kurolax ( Pineapple Flavour )
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