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Scientifically formulated for weight loss

Protein, Green Tea, Heart healthy Nuts & Seeds are the main elements that is required for a scientifically correct way of loosing body fat mass & gaining muscle mass.

That’s exactly what ProGNS is – PROtein, Green Tea, Nuts & Seeds.

Loose weight. Gain Muscle Mass.

ProGNS Nuts & Seeds enriched Protein Bar (Pack of 12 bars x 50 gm)

Rs. 1380/-

The tastiest way to loose weight

Made largely from raw and minimally processed ingredients, ProGNS is a delicious delight to the senses.

The crunch of Chia, Flax, Pumpkin & Sunflower seeds with the zest of cranberries makes every bite a luscious treat.

1 bar equals 2 cups of Green Tea

Every time you consume a ProGNS protein bar, you get powerful anti-oxidative polyphenols equal to drinking 2 cups of Green Tea which increases thermogenesis (fat burning) & makes fat loss quicker. ProGNS stands true to what many Nutritionists describe it,


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