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Scientifically formulated for weight loss

Protein, Green Tea, Heart healthy Nuts & Seeds are the main elements that is required for a scientifically correct way of loosing body fat mass & gaining muscle mass.

That’s exactly what ProGNS is – PROtein, Green Tea, Nuts & Seeds.

Loose weight. Gain Muscle Mass.

ProGNS Nuts & Seeds enriched Protein Bar (Pack of 12 bars x 50 gm)

Rs. 1380/-

The tastiest way to loose weight

Made largely from raw and minimally processed ingredients, ProGNS is a delicious delight to the senses.

The crunch of Chia, Flax, Pumpkin & Sunflower seeds with the zest of cranberries makes every bite a luscious treat.

1 bar equals 2 cups of Green Tea

Every time you consume a ProGNS protein bar, you get powerful anti-oxidative polyphenols equal to drinking 2 cups of Green Tea which increases thermogenesis (fat burning) & makes fat loss quicker. ProGNS stands true to what many Nutritionists describe it,


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Goodness of Protein, Veggies & Supergreens

ProGNS Raw Supergreens & Protein blend (Pack of 8 servings Jar)

Rs. 960/-


High 8.6 gm Fibre Protein shake. No Added Sugar

Delicious Chocolate Punch flavour

Each serving gives 5 billion cfu live probiotics

Aids digestion, relieves bloating & constipation. Maintains alkaline pH and decreases acidity related issues.

Easy to digest protein for people with sensitive stomachs

Added Digestive Enzymes – Papain & Bromelain breaks down protein & makes it easy to absorb protein.

Contains the goodness of Supergreens - Moringa, Spirulina, Wheatgrass & Alfa Alfa

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Are you working out hard at the gym to accomplish the body goals you've had for a long time? You, on the other hand, require the proper nutrients. Only when your body gets the necessary fuel will it be able to develop from the inside out and provide you with the desired and long-lasting effects. Whether it's muscle building, development, or improved performance, one of the greatest methods to get most out of every training session is to choose the top online supplement brand to obtain quality gym supplements or bodybuilding supplements.

Being fit demands more than just exercise/workout. To meet your fitness objectives while staying within your time limits, you need a correct diet and supplements. All you need is a one-stop store that offers more than just purchases, and PROGNS is one answer to your various concerns.

It keeps you at rest while purchasing 100 percent real and legitimate health supplements, from advising on personal fitness training to counselling on essential vitamins and protein. We provide all of your fitness demands through our web channel in various locations across India. ProGns began with just a few staff and has now grown into a full-fledged web platform in just a few years.



ProGNS is India's only online and offline supplement store that can really ensure product authenticity. When you buy from our website or store, you never have to worry about acquiring a toxic substance and you can be completely sure in what you acquire. You will get all items straight from us, with no intermediaries or third-party merchants.

Furthermore, for real supplements, we are certified by all of the companies or their official Indian supplement importers. This ensures that you always receive a genuine supplement because we control the whole supply chain.

  ProGNS firmly believes that weight management is a complex science requiring medical expertise.   As experts in managing body weight, you have to manage multiple parameters during the weight loss journey.

Induce Calorie Deficit Replace Body Fat Mass & Build Muscle Mass Prevent GI complications Prevent Nutritional Deficiencies & yet maintain patient compliance!   ProGNS Raw Supergreens & Protein Blend is a one-of-a-kind medical grade protein that is the ideal scientific answer for achieving all of these clinical parameters in the most delightful way!


PROGNS strives to deliver 100% genuine and authentic Supplements if you wish to become fit organically. To achieve this, all products/supplements are supplied directly from authorised importers or manufacturers, eliminating the need for a middleman, making Progns the finest online shop to buy supplements in India.

1. Protein Bars: Perfect Snack Option

2. Protein Shake: Perfect Drink Option


Do you want to purchase supplements online? There are several reasons why PROGNS is now one of the most frequently recommended companies, whether you are considering purchasing genuine supplements or a fit and healthy lifestyle in general. Here are some elements that properly distinguish this brand:

• Assured Purity: When it comes to trustworthy online supplement retailers like Progns Protein and nutritional supplements, one thing you can count on is purity. The ingredients used in these products are sourced from only the most dependable and proven sources throughout the world.

• Strict Quality Controls: Every product created by the brand, such as Progns Protein Bar or Progns Protein Blend, complies with FSSAI standards and rules. This ensures that they are fully safe to use and of the highest quality. Before a product is released into the market, it is subjected to a series of stringent quality inspections. These tests are performed at each stage of the production process. As a result, the brand lives up to its claim of supplying the greatest nutritional supplements and being the best place to buy supplements online.

• Effective Results: PROGNS is noted for its creativity and the creation of various new products to stay up with the changing trends in the world of bodybuilding, such as the use of green tea, nuts, and seeds in product. These goods are the result of years of study and development. The success stories of these customers are proof that you have a brand of bodybuilding supplements that may help you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. These items have produced outcomes, and they continue to meet stringent testing and manufacturing requirements to assure that these results are consistent.

• Total transparency regarding authorised importers: We have complete transparency on the importers that supply the Supplements. Each product page includes information about the authorised importer who will be utilised to obtain that product. Each and every product purchased from our site will have a Hologram/MRP label affixed to it carrying a scratch code for product verification.

• Complete transparency regarding the expiration date of the products: Each and every product is far from the Expiration Date and has a Batch Number that can be checked with the Brand. The Clearance sale category includes Near-Expiry Products. Each product page includes information on the product's shelf life and variants.

• Legitimate Goods Verification: Because customer pleasure and happiness are of the highest importance to us, we strive to give the finest after-sales support possible, which includes having your authentic product certified by the importer and/or brand itself.

• GST Invoice with Tax Paid: Each order will be accompanied by a Tax Paid GST Invoice.

• Returns are simple: with no questions asked, and UPI refunds are processed the same day.


• Scientifically Formulated For Women With Pcod:  ProGNS contains 18 gm of Whey Protein and 8.6 gm of fibre, which helps boost insulin sensitivity and minimise hyperinsulinemia.

5 billion cfu were added. Probiotics activate the gut-brain axis, which promotes LH/FSH production from the hypothalamus, hence regularising menstrual cycles and increasing chances of pregnancy.

Curcumin, Ashwagandha, and Supergreens (Moringa, Spirulina, and Wheatgrass) are 5-reductase (5AR) inhibitors that impede Testosterone effects in PCOS.

Garcinia cambogia, ginger, and curcumin burn visceral and adipose fat and accelerate weight reduction.

Micronutrients Folic acid, iron, vitamin D, B6, and B9 promote ovarian follicle development and ovulation.

• Scientifically Formulated For Patients With Diabetes 

Whey protein (18 gm) plus fibre (8.6 gm) delay stomach emptying, promote satiety, and boost GLP-1 release, resulting in better postprandial glucose management.

Probiotics have been shown to create SCFA (Short Chain Fatty Acids), which modulate lipid metabolism and lower LDL cholesterol.

The use of Garcinia cambogia, Ginger, and curcumin decreases visceral and adipose fat and speeds up weight reduction. Fasting hyperinsulinemia secretion is also reduced by fat redistribution.

ProGNS includes potent antioxidants such as Moringa, Wheatgrass, and Veggies (Carrot, Tomato) that reduce oxidative stress and hence protect ß-cell damage.

Micronutrients Vitamins D, A, B12, B6, B9, Chromium, Magnesium, and Iron slow the growth of diabetic neuropathy and retinopathy.

• Some More Benefits From Progn Protein: Supergreens stimulate the proliferation of epidermal keratinocytes, resulting in quicker cell turnover and bright skin.

ProGns Protein Blend and Bar Protects the skin from the oxidative damage caused by UV exposure.

It combats free radicals and reactive oxygen species, reducing wrinkles and pigmentation.

Induces the proliferation of fibroblasts, which leads to the formation of new hair follicles and the preservation of hair strength.


PROGNS provides the following 18 GM GOLD STANDARD WHEY PROTEIN, With a PDCAAS value of 1.0, ProGNS Raw Super Green & Protein combination contains 18 gm of Ultrafiltered Whey protein concentrate, which aids in the rapid development of muscle growth.


Orders are placed directly on Progns. Before purchasing a product online, read the complete product description so that you can make an educated decision. So, instead of visiting many websites, go to www.Progns.com and enjoy unique Progns deals and discounts, as well as a fast and reasonable buying experience on your protein supplements.