Rs. 975.00
Ursodeoxycholic Acid Tablets IP 300mg URSOGREAT. Ursodeoxycholic acid prevents post-bariatric gallstones effectively. 24x higher risk of developing cholelithiasis. ASMBS 2019 guidelines recommends to use atleast 600 mg/d Ursodeoxycholic acid for 6 months after bariatric surgery. Bariatric patients are prone to gallstone...
Rs. 975.00
Rs. 585.00
Kurolax ( Pineapple Flavour )
The new-age laxative for stubborn constipation Lactulose 10 mg + Wheat Dextrin 3.5 gm + Fructo-oligosaccharide 2.5 gm + Polydextrose 2.1 gm Solution Relieves constipation rapidly and easily Power of 4 strong laxatives Lactulose Powerful osmotic laxative superior to conventional agents...
Rs. 585.00
ProGNS Bariforte Combi-pack (60 days therapy)
Fully ASMBS / BOMSS guidelines compliant multivitamin formula that helps fight the multivitamin deficiency. Easy to comply & highly cost effective formula
Rs. 3,180.00
ProGNS Raw SuperGreens & Protein Blend (Pack of 8 servings)
The clean label protein with added goodness of natural supergreens – Moringa, Spirulina, alfa alfa & Wheatgrass makes ProGNS Rich supergreens & Protein blend the choice of all health enthusiasts across India.  Whey Protein 17.5gm   |   BCAAs 5.2gm   |   Vitamins...
Rs. 960.00
ProGNS Nuts & Seeds enriched Protein Bar containing 2 cups Green Tea ( 12 bars x 50 gm)
Each bar of ProGNS is powered with 400 mg concentrated Green Tea Extract that delivers polyphenols equivalent to drinking 2 cups of Green Tea. 17.5 gm Protein & 14 gm Fiber per 50 gm serving. 1 bar equals to consuming...
Rs. 1,380.00
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